CICA collects an array of corn items. Our members contribute to preserving corn history by collecting many of the following.

Cloth Seed Corn Sacks

Vintage seed corn sacks are a window into the past. Every seed producer had their own identifying bag design and personality, making the bags a work of art on their own.


Box Mounted Corn Shellers

Shelling corn can be fun! Our members can be found at antique tractor shows around the Midwest with corn cob in hand ready to demonstrate how to shell and grind corn.


Seed Corn Signs

Another artistic collectors item, seed corn signage, is a highly sought after item in our community. Signs come is all shapes and sizes, with many hand painted and produced in small numbers.

  • Planter Lids (cast/tin)

  • Planter Plates (cast/tin)

  • Grinders (grist mill)

  • Corn Planters

  • Planter Wire/Rope

  • Corn Graders

  • Planter Stakes/Markers

  • Hooks & Pegs

  • Cloth Seed Corn Sacks

  • Handheld Shellers/Nubbers

  • Box Mounted Shellers

  • Freestanding Shellers

  • Advertising Give Aways

  • Seed Corn Signs

  • Corn Dryers